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First Year Using the New Athletic Complex!

After COVID-19 shutdown in-person learning last spring, it also halted the opportunity for Port Byron athletes to train and compete on the district’s new state-of-the-art athletic complex.
After a long wait, student-athletes are excited to finally get to compete at their new facility.
“For two year’s we have been off the track, the last time I ran on our track was eighth grade. It was cool to have my senior year be the closure we needed,” said Port Byron senior and student-athlete Grace Ford.
The athletic complex features a new track, baseball and softball fields, turf for the main stadium, as well as a new PA system, Wi-Fi connection, and video scoreboard.
The process started in 2016 when the Port Byron Central School District community approved a $13 million capital project. Many hands were involved in making the complex come to life.
“In terms of sight and aesthetics, there’s no comparison. When you have officials who come here, spectators who come here, when you have athletes and coaches who come here, saying this looks like a collegiate complex. All the detail and thought that was put into it, how they utilize space out there, it’s incredible,” said Athletic Director and Assistant Principal Kim Brown.
Brown also said the updates made to the facility are a huge help in terms of the unpredictable weather Upstate New York is notorious for.
“When you live and work in Upstate New York, when you participate in sports in Upstate New York, having that facility out there is huge in terms of being able to participate earlier, participate on days when it rained an hour before a track meet and all of a sudden, the sun comes out and you can still go out there and participate,” said Brown.
Varsity Outdoor Track Head Coach Chris Ford said the district sought out the opinions of the coaches while developing the facility, something he greatly appreciated.
“They really asked for my input and what I thought would be beneficial to designing the facilities to make it conducive to a great track facility,” said Ford. “It is so nice to coach at a school where you’re listened to, your opinion is asked, and you are able to see the results of.”
Grace Ford said the new facility is a motivating factor for athletes to play at their highest level.
“It’s definitely a motivating and welcoming factor for a lot of young athletes who aspire to play collegiate sports or go further with their education in the sports realm. I definitely think this was a huge deal for our school,” said Ford.

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